The Sharjah UAE Startups Award


About the Award

Sharjah UAE Startups Award is targeting innovative entrepreneurial ventures and newly emerged, fast-growing, private sector organizations in the United Arab Emirates employing a minimum of 1 employee to a maximum of 19 employees.

The Sharjah UAE Startups Award has no restrictions regarding registration as it offers eligibility of participation to all nationalities and all private sector organizations who has a long-term sustainable future in terms of finances, services and customer satisfaction. The first place and second place winner in Sharjah UAE Startups Award will receive a cash prize of a 25,000 AED each.

The assessment criteria for the Award is as follow:

  • Innovation (in terms of service or product)

  • Sustainability of the Business (Clear Financial & Marketing Business Model)

  • Customer & Market Acquisition

  • Web Analytics (Social Media interaction, Official Website, Customer Mailing Database)

  • Business Future & Growth (in terms of employees, market, number of users, capital, benchmarking, etc.)

List of Required Documents

The organization wishing to apply must submit the following documents:

  • Registration Form.

  • Valid copy of its Economic Activity License.

  • Valid copy of Membership (from any Chamber of Commerce & Industry)

  • Submission Form.

  • Organizational structure.

  • Owner Cv.

  • Summary of achievements, activities and accomplishments. (Copies ofrelevant documents can be attached).

  • Summary of future plans and improvements. (Copies of relevant documents can be attached).

Writing Standards

  • Follow Format/ Margin sent.

  • No. of Pages in Submission Document: 35 Pgs. max.

  • Follow Heading and Sub-heading numeration.

  • Language: Arabic / English.

  • Font Size: 12

  • Font Type: Arial/ Times New Roman.

  • Dividers: Dividers do not count towards number of pages.

  • Front Cover

  • Standards for Charts and for Diagrams

  • Numbered Attachments.

Terms & Conditions

The organization wishing to apply must meet the following terms and conditions:

  • Exercise its economic activity in any emirate of the United Arab Emirates.

  • Commitment of its main person of interest who must be the owner,founder or controlling shareholder of the organization and principally responsible for its operation.

  • Employing a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 19 employees only.

  • Must have a valid license, a membership with any Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the UAE, and/or a valid license from any Free Zone Authority in the UAE.

  • A minimum of two years of operation.

  • Sound and clear financial and legal standing.

  • Abide by the award deadlines.

  • Re-participation in the award is allowed after 2 cycles from date of ceremony.

  • The decision of the Board of Trustees regarding the selection of the winners is final.

  • Winners will be subject to wide media coverage after the award ceremony.

  • Winners may use the award logo for a maximum of three years after receiving the award

How to Apply

  • Visit our website

  • Fill the Registration Form

  • Complete and Submit the Registration on the link specified in our website