The Sharjah Top 10 Businesses Award


About the Award

For the past 2 years, Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry has worked on developing a new award to bring together large business organizations striving for sustainable excellence. The “Sharjah Top 10 Businesses Award”, which is a not-for-profit, business excellence award committed to helping large private sector organizations in Sharjah employing 50 workers and more to drive performance improvement. The Sharjah Top 10 Businesses Award draws on the Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) a comprehensive management framework used by over 30,000 organizations
across the world. To help organizations implement the EFQM Excellence Model, the award office provides training and assessment tools developed by experts and professional assessors for all levels of organizational maturity. It also gathers nformation about corporate best practices and communicate this information through its network. Moreover, the award office aims to share what works, through case studies, online webinars, working groups, on-site assessments, conferences and thematic events.

About the EFQM Excellence Model
The renowned EFQM Excellence Model is a non-prescriptive framework for building a holistic overview of any organization, regardless of size, sector or maturity. Over the past 20 years, the EFQM Excellence Model has been a blueprint for EFQM members and organizations across and beyond Europe to develop a culture of excellence, access good practices, drive innovation and improve results.

Organizations using the EFQM Excellence Model have become more attentive to the needs of their stakeholders. They have learned how to learn, innovate and improve their overall performance. Their leaders have increased their abilities to take informed decisions and understand the drivers of their strategy. Many organizations benefitting from the EFQM framework have acted as role models for other organizations. Award-winning management practices have been reused and adapted through EFQM 'sharing what works'. This has led to a significant reduction of waste, increased economic efficiency and improved societal relations.

Top 10 Business Categories

  • Manufacturing sector

  • Trade and Repairing Services sector

  • Real Estate and Business Services sector

  • Tourism and Hospitality sector

  • Construction sector

  • Financial Services sector

  • Transportation and Logistics sector

  • Education sector

  • Health Care sector

  • Digital Services sector


Participation Fees:
10,000 AED is applicable on organizations who meet the terms and conditions of the Award.

Payment Period:
Fees must be payed within a period of 15 days from the date of acceptance by the Award office.

List of Required Documents

The organization wishing to apply must submit the following documents:

  • Registration Form.

  • Valid copy of its Economic Activity License.

  • Valid copy of Membership (from Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry)

  • Submission Form.

  • Organizational structure.

  • Summary of achievements, activities and accomplishments. (Copies of relevant documents to be attached).

  • Future plans and further improvements. (Copies of relevant documents to be attached).

Writing Standards

  • Follow Format/ Margin sent.

  • No. of Pages in Submission Document: 35 Pgs. max.

  • Follow Heading and Sub-heading numeration.

  • Language: Arabic / English.

  • Font Size: 12

  • Font Type: Arial/ Times New Roman.

  • Dividers: Dividers do not count towards number of pages.

  • Front Cover

  • Standards for Charts and for Diagrams

  • Numbered Attachments.

Terms & Conditions

The organization wishing to apply must meet the following terms and conditions:

  • Exercise its economic activity in the emirate of Sharjah.

  • Minimum of 50 Employees and more.

  • Must have a valid license (based on economic activity), a membership with Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry and/or a valid license from any of Sharjah Free Zone Authorities.

  • A minimum of three years of operation.

  • Sound and clear financial and legal standing.

  • Abide by the award deadlines.

  • Re-participation in the award is allowed after 2 cycles from date of ceremony.

  • The decision of the Board of Trustees regarding the selection of the winners is final.

  • Winners will be subject to wide media coverage after the award ceremony.

  • Winners may use the award logo for a maximum of three years after receiving the award

  • Assessors may request supplementary data from the applicants and will conduct site visits during the evaluation period.

  • Assessors reserve the right to authenticate the data provided in the submission file if required.

How to Apply

  • Visit our website

  • Fill the Registration Form

  • Complete and Submit the Registration on the link specified in our website