Sharjah Economic Excellence Organizes EFQM Certified Internal Assessor Training Course


Sharjah Economic Excellence Network (ShjSEEN) Award, one of the initiatives of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry(SCCI), organized a training course for training internal assessors from UAE citizens in the government departments of Sharjah according to the European Foundation for Quality Management(EFQM).
The course was held at the SCCI premises and concluded its three-day activities recently. The course's training program focused on enhancing participants' ability to assess the aspects of excellence and prospects of improvement in establishments according to quality management criteria, as well as drafting internal reports on the quality of the establishment and drafting nomination documents.
The course included lectures by Dr. Issa Al Qaidi, and was attended by Mohammed Ahmed Amin, Assistant Director-General for Communication and Business at the SCCI, Ibrahim Rashed Al Jarwan, Director of the Department of Economic Relations at the SCCI, and Nada Al Hajri, General Coordinator of ShjSEEN.
Mohammed Ahmed Amin said that this course is part of the SCCI's efforts to enhance knowledge and deep understanding of excellence concepts and criteria and award management according to the radar methodology, as well as how to conduct internal assessment and providing valuable analysis for establishments, which would enable participants to pinpoint aspects of excellence in their establishments' work, opportunities for improvement, and how to draft nomination documents, thereby raising awareness among work teams and particularly supervisors of awards provided by the SCCI to the local business community, mainly the ShjSEEN Award.
Amin affirmed that the SCCI is committed to serving the business community, developing its performance, and enhancing the competitive environment in Sharjah by promoting the excellence program and spreading the culture of quality in public and private sector establishments in the Emirate.
This is done by applying the highest criteria for quality management and excellence, encouraging the application of the best scientific and practical practices in developing human resources, and encouraging innovation and creativity in work environment, which is done by preparing and executing programs and courses that suit the nature, needs, and workers' resources in establishments, which would qualify them to participate in the ShjSEEN Award which the SCCI launched to honor achievements and efficiency of businesses in Sharjah.
The training program was prepared and directed for UAE citizens working in the public and private sector in Sharjah and who are interested in learning about the principles of internal assessments in establishments. It included a number of main themes which include introducing the EFQM,its principles and criteria, the radar principle, in addition to internal assessment tools and how to choose and apply the right ones, as well as how to conduct interviews, pinpoint aspects of excellence and opportunities of improvement in establishments, drafting reports and nomination documents.

it's important to mention, Sharjah Economic Excellence Network award  aims to spread corporate governance, encourage the adoption of quality standards and business ethics during work, developing the responsibility of private sector enterprises towards the society and enhancing the role of economic institutions in promoting sustainable development through providing facilities and launching new projects and initiatives.